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Ukulele books I own

I'm not currently using all of them, though I plan to eventually.

  • EZ Method for Ukulele and Tiple. Kamiki, WM J. Smith Music Co., Inc. (note: this book is circa 1952 and more than likely no longer in print. Also, I've no idea what a Tiple is, but this book informs me that it's pronounced "tee-plee" [p. 2])
  • Sing and Strum: 7 Hawaiian Favorites for Ukulele</b>. Kimura, H. M. "Heeday", Mel Bay Publications, Inc. 2000.
  • Smith's 200 Songs for Ukulele. Author unknown, WM J. Smith Music Co., Inc. (note: this book is circa 1954 and more than likely no longer in print.)
  • Songs & Solos For Uke. Eidson, Ken & Ross Cherednik, Mel Bay Publications, Inc. 1984.
  • Teach Yourself To Play Ukulele. Manus, Morty & Ron Manus, Alfred Publishing Co.
  • Ukulele Chord Dictionary. Manus, Morton, Alfred Publishing Co.

    Right now, the most useful ones are the chord dictionary and Songs & Solos. Almost everything else is for ukes that're tuned ADF#B, and I don't tune that way; I'm GCEA. After I've mastered that, though, I might attempt the other way. The Sing and Strum is just too advanced for me right now, as I don't yet know those songs.
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